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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

... Or Be Square

A deviation from the 'beautiful' to the 'bizarre'... found while trying to find a link to the 'clack'.

I can safely say that at no stage of my life have I thought 'geez, I like eggs... I just wish they weren't so round!'.  But in case you have, here is where you can find the Egg Squarer.

More Eggciting Egg Cup Developments

Is this the most beautiful way to present a boiled egg?  Admittedly, it would be quite the uphill battle decapitating and eating an egg with the provided fork, but lets not punish the designer for the sins of the photographer/stylist.

Perhaps a better companion piece to this 'birds nest egg cup' by Studio Gijs would be the 'Clack', a simple, beautiful, yet somewhat useless device that I stumbled across in a snobby culinary megastore recently that essentially performs a neat circumcision for your boiled egg.  Now THAT would make for a picture perfect breakfast product shot.

Verdict: Fork It or Spoon Me?

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Make A Wish

I've recently joined Etsy, both because it seems like an online community I'd like to be part of and to help Materialist Australia with a little online visibility in the craft realm.  There are some real treasures to be found, such as this beautiful letterpress Dandelion card from sweetharvey, and I am very touched to have already been included in a 'Partridge in a Pear Tree' related 'treasury' with my funny little pears.

I'm not sure about stocking cards in the store... but then again, I do have a 'Stationery' section already...?

Friday, December 10, 2010

Grand Designs

My love of papery things goes beyond my ever increasing collection of pop-up books for adults, and as a result my new favourite blog is Upon a Fold, an Australian blog/shop/designer that worships at the alter of Origami Architecture (an expression i only read for the first time ten minutes ago, but that I intend to drop into conversation gratuitously throughout the Christmas season). 

I've made my fair share of paper cranes in my time, but the pictured work by Ingrid Siliakus is one of many on this site that makes me go hmm... and ahh.  And 'Add to Cart'.

Verdict: Paper or Plastic?

Bananas for Bananas

I am in deep smit.  Along with the above ceramic interpretation of lolly bananas, I've seen artist Katie Jacobs' lolly teeth and jelly babies and I would quite like to own a whole set... perhaps based on Allens 'Classic' Party Mix currently taking the nation's confectionery aisles by storm (not to be confused with the 'Retro' mix that contains sub-standard gummi coke bottles).

Verdict: Sweet Tooth or Salty Snack?