materialist australia

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Telling The Time

I defer to the original text found here by artist Louie Rigano:

About-Time is a clock that challenges our power of perception and intuition. Featuring a constantly changing composition, through both color and form, it invites us to view the idea of time from a fresh perspective. Three translucent circles, each one's size equivalent to the corresponding hand of traditional clocks, pivot atop a larger white circle. The location of the circles' outer most points refer to the time. Traditional clocks, utilizing written numbers, rely on reading the information. This clock relies solely on visual information in the form of varying colors and shapes. Time is manifested into a new and purely visual language.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Tart and Tingling In All The Right Places

Just found this 'Soda' print at I Need Nice Things which purports to make 'contemporary art collectable [and] affordable'.  I love it and want it for the now naked walls of the spare room as it begins it's new career as a kid's room.  Only problem is I need to pick two others from the site so that I can hang them all together in a delectable little trio.  This one's going to require the opinion/collaboration of my co-pilot.