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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Everything's Rosey

People would like these, wouldn't they?  Australian people specifically, I mean.

I bought a set of these 'Rose Nesting Bowls' for my friend's daughter Rosie for her third birthday (get it? Rose bowl... for Rosie) and the gift was gratefully received for it's function as well as it's form: anything that assists parents getting green stuff into the mouths of toddlers can't be bad, can it?   

I can imagine that they would get a good workout at a picnic or a kid's party, or even for everyday use in Australian backyards...and the big one also looks capable of comfortably containing a laksa, if picnics and children aren't your thing.

Verdict - putting out the welcome mat or turning off the lights and pretending not to be home?

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  1. Welcome mat! They were a good choice. Although, I confess the food made within was more likely to take the form of felt ice cream ( or wooden sandwiches (//

    Curse that I can't make proper hyperlinks here.