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Monday, August 2, 2010

Is Cross Stitch Cool Yet?

Cross stitch is in my blood.  My mother once ran a business that made cross stitch kits and it was a real family affair: my father painted some designs for it and graphed others, my sister's and I cut lengths of thread in our school holidays, both my mum's sister's worked with her for all distribution, sales, manufacturing tasks, and it grew to be (at one stage) the biggest of it's kind in Australia. 

So I found this site 'Submersive Cross Stitch' with associated book, and I realised that there is an opening here to capitalise on my family experience and potentially to put my retired parents in my employ.  I could find iconic images and get my dad to graph them and my mum to cross stitch them.  Hmmm... this one requires a lot more thinking.

Verdict: new world fashion or olde worlde crafte?


  1. Ooh, i have one of those subversive cross-stitches - it says Go Fuck Yourself and is decorated with pretty pink bunnies. I haven't finished it yet, as I didn't read the instructions and used whole strands of DMC thread and consequently ran out. K

  2. DMC thread available at that shop on the corner of Illawarra Road and Petersham (?) Road... the funny little wedge shaped on.

    And see... I would have KNOWN that you needed to separate the thread, if only YOU had known that I was somebody that could advise on cross stitch, ay.