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Monday, February 7, 2011

You Say Mutato, I Say Mutato

This.  Is.  Wonderful.

A year or so ago I was introduced to the idea of arranging household items by colour by some anonymous contributor to the blogosphere, and unable to execute it in my bookshelves (due to a combination of multicoloured book spines and a determined, if rigid adherence to sorting first by genre, second by author) I applied the technique to a t-shirt collection.  The itch was scratched... somewhat.  As I work my way through the rest of this angst-ridden day (a nephew is imminent), I may turn my eye for colour to the products in the kitchen cupboards... because i've already cleaned the windows, dusted the venetians and cleared the cobwebs from the corners.

A print is available of this work by Uli Westphal, and I am going to have to SERIOUSLY think about snapping one up.  Thanks Swiss Miss for the post.

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