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Friday, September 10, 2010

Porcelain? More Like Richelain!

My sister-in-law apparently hates the little porcelain cups based on dented disposable plastic cups because as a ceramics student they were a simple first year assignment.  As a result, she finds them unoriginal and basic (to which my response is: 'okay, so if it is so easy make me a set'... only like many of my wittiest responses, it never made it to my lips).  But that leads me to think that creating a porcelain piece from an existing texture, such as knitwear, was maybe a later year assignment, but Alyssa Ettinger has created some beautiful things using that principle.  I know a keen knitter, and I know a one time ceramicist... or perhaps I should just place an order on Big Cartel.

Verdict: Pottery or Potty?

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