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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Shame But Don't Name

In my travels, I have been trying to suss out the above picture book (and associated titles) because I own it and love it and I would like to have it in my shop.  This first of all led me to a very helpful woman at one publisher who seemed, if anything, a little too bubbly and enthusiastic.  She advised that they no longer had it in their range, but told me where it had gone.  Following is the exchange with THAT publisher's representative.

Monday, 13 September - Me to Unnamed Publisher

To Whom It May Concern:
I am in the process of launching an online store and am interested in stocking ‘One Red Dot’ and other titles by David Carter. Can you please let me know your minimum order requirements and wholesale rates?


Straightforward?  Clear?  Let's see what happened next (formatting has been retained):
Thursday, 16 September - Unnamed Customer Service Representative to Me

Dear You,
Our minimum order requirement is $110.00 AUD net. If order is under this a small order surcharge of $11.00 applies. A 40% discount applies. A Proforma Invoice is raised if you do not hold an account with us. Proforma is sent and once payment is received books are despatched. Only in stock books can be processed, if a book is out of stock or not yet published it cannot be backordered. Full street delivery address needs to be provided as we do not deliver to P.O. Boxes. When sending an order 13 digit ISBN's and quantities of books must be clearly provided. I hope this answers your query.
One Red Dot is no longer available as it went out of print in September 2009.
Kind regards,
Unnamed Customer Service Representative

Am I crazy, or is that the weirdest delivery of information ever?

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