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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hands Off My Pop-Up Book, Kid

This is my second post on the topic of complex, non-kid friendly pop-up books, but I really really like them.  Growing up, we had a Wind In The Willows pop-up book, and we loved it even though ultimately all the tabs were ripped and there were seams in places the publisher hadn't intended.  'Popville' may only be appropriate for children under the age of six months (with their hands tightly bound to their sides) and over ten... or sixteen, but the colours, the execution, the idea... all beautiful.  Here is a video that proves it.

Hopefully, I have more luck navigating the complexities of international publishing rights this time, but either way, it's in my Amazon cart and with the exchange rate the way it is... this little gem WILL be mine.

Verdict: Pop or Flop?

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